ATSC School's Out Soccer programs will take place during school breaks and national holidays. Our programs allow parents to continue their daily routine whilst children stay active, learn and have fun. The programs will take place at the incredible Indoor Sports Pavilion in Randolph.


The Goalkeeper & Striker program is a program designed with specialized training for soccer players who are looking to improve at their position. Pairing goalkeeper & strikers together in the same environment, enables each player to receive the amount of repetitions needed around the goal, to become more comfortable handling crucial plays successfully when faced with a pressurizing situation in a game.

STRIKERS will be put through a challenging curriculum dedicated to creating and scoring
goals. This camp allows players to improve their technique, movement and offensive skills in the attacking third.

GOALKEEPERS will be put through a competitive program focused on shot stopping, saving crosses, SAQ, footwork and decision making.  


Typical Day-

9am-9:30am- Warm Up/ Technical skills work

9:30am-10:30am- Attacking Session

10:30am-11:00am- Competition of the Day

11:00am-12:00pm- Tournament


What will programs look like?


ISP will be firmly following guidelines set by the NJ Governor's office and DOH. Our programs will look and feel different from previous years.


These are some of the changes we are making to create the safest environment-


1) Social distancing will be maintained in areas off the field. Staff will be required to wear masks and socially distance from participants. Participants are not required to wear masks whilst on the field. Participants will need to wear masks when not participating in the activity.


2) Participants will be asked to wear masks in and out of the facility. During activity, participants will not be required to wear a mask


3) Staff members and the participants will wash their hands regularly. Hand sanitizer of at least 60% alcohol will be available. Participants are asked to bring their own personal hand sanitizer too.


4) The facility will have a strict cleaning schedule. All equipment will be disinfected before and after use.


5)  Group sizes will be no larger than 12. 1 Coach to 12 participants


6) All staff will have their temperature checked daily and questioned daily about any possible Covid 19 symptoms. All parents will be asked to monitor their children and take their temperature in the morning before attending. Should anyone be feeling unwell, or have a temperature of 100.4F or higher, they should not attend. 


6) 3 hour programs. This means there will be no need for lunch breaks.


7) Our staff will have training in running safe programs following the states guidelines. Sports and activities will be adapted in order to maintain social distancing as best as possible


8) Groups will not mix. The coach will remain with the same group throughout the week. No high fives, fist bumps etc.


9) Heat and Cooling systems will be cleaned and filters changed to ensure air pumped into the building is fresh



10) In light of the travel advisory issued by the 'State Department of Health, we are asking and encouraging any families that arrive back in New Jersey from any of the states listed by the governor, to refrain from activities for 10 days and self quarantine.


LOCATION: Indoor Sports Pavilion in Randolph.

16 West Hanover Ave, Randolph, 07869


COST: $60

Contact Jade at for any questions.

ATSC systems combine highly trained coaches delivering a proven curriculum to produce superior growth and development in youth players

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