Why attend an Evening Program?

ATSC summer programs are designed to provide 6-14 year old soccer players the opportunity to improve their soccer skills in a fun and safe environment. Our aim is allow players to get thousands of touches throughout the duration of the week in order to allow maximum improvement. 

5:30pm-8:30pm- $125 (Pack drinks)


What will programs look like?

ATSC will be firmly following guidelines set by the NJ Governor's office and DOH. Our programs will look and feel different from previous years.


These are some of the changes we are making to create the safest environment-


  1. Social distancing will be maintained.  If for whatever reason, social distancing cannot be maintained, masks will be worn

  2. Participants will be asked to wear masks to and from their cars During activity, participants will not be required to wear a mask

  3. Staff members and the participants will wash their hands regularly (if available). Hand sanitizer of at least 60% alcohol will be available. Participants are asked to bring their own personal hand sanitizer too.

  4. All equipment will be disinfected before and after use.

  5. Group sizes will be no larger than 1 coach to 10 participants.

  6. All staff will have their temperature checked daily and questioned daily about any possible Covid 19 symptoms. All parents will be asked to monitor their children and take their temperature in the morning before attending. Should anyone be feeling unwell, or have a temperature of 100.4F or higher, they should not attend. 

  7. 3 hour programs. This means there will be no need for lunch breaks.

  8. Our staff will have training in running safe programs following the states guidelines. Sports and activities will be adapted in order to maintain social distancing as best as possible,

  9. In light of the travel advisory issued by the 'State Department of Health, we are asking and encouraging any families that arrive back in New Jersey from any of the states listed below, to refrain from team activities for 14 days.


Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Utah. Recently added: Delaware, Kansas, Oklahoma. 


"Under the 14-day quarantine travel advisory announced by the Governors of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, individuals traveling to or returning to New Jersey from states with increasing rates of COVID-19 are advised to self-quarantine for 14 days. This includes travel by train, bus, car, plane and any other method of transportation."



Due to COVID-19, ATSC have made some big changes to their curriculum in order to provide a safe environment, following state guidelines. Our three hour evening programs allow players to work in a comfortable environment whilst building their skills. Our programs will be highly technical, which will allow lots of touches on the ball. 

Whilst in Phase 3, participants must maintain social distancing, therefore we have created sessions which will improve and challenge the players, whilst keeping the sessions exciting by adding in competition.

Listed below are some of the technical components that participants may work on during the program:


Dribbling, ball mastery, turning, 1v1 moves, aerial control, juggling, SAQ, fun games and more

An example of a 3 hour session-


5:30pm-6:00pm- Warm up activity and Juggling challenges

6:00pm-7:00pm- Individual skills work

7:00pm-7:30pm- Soccer quiz/non physical activity

7:30pm-8:15pm- Individual skills work

8:15pm-8:30pm- Competition of the day



Monday- Footwork & Handling

Tuesday- Closing angles & decision making

Wednesday- Saving crosses & distribution

Thursday- Breakaways and uncatchable balls

Friday- Reaction saves & shot stopping



Monday- Dribbling to shoot

Tuesday- Combinations to goal

Wednesday- Crossing and Finishing

Thursday- Power Shooting

Friday- First time finishing

Why attend our Goalkeeper & Striker program?


ATSC Goalkeeper & Striker programs are designed for players looking to focus on improving and developing one key area. The shorter time frame (3 hours) allows the coaches to tailor a curriculum which will intensely work on key areas. This allows both players and coaches to stay fully
energized and maximize a players potential and development throughout the program. The program will take place at the state of the art indoor sports pavilion, in Randolph. The perfect indoor temperature allows for a more productive training environment. With lots of goals and netting to save the balls, it is the perfect place to host a goalkeeper and striker camp.

Goalkeeper & Striker Program

Our Goalkeeper & Striker programs will begin July 13th. We will closely be following any guidelines set out by the state. Groups will remain the same throughout the week and 6 feet will be maintained throughout the session as best as possible. Equipment will be disinfected before and after use.

The Striker & Goalkeeper program is five days of specialized training for soccer players who are
looking to improve dramatically at their position. Pairing goalkeeper & strikers together in the
same environment, enables each player to receive the amount of repetitions needed around the
goal, to become more comfortable handling crucial plays successfully when faced with a
pressurizing situation in a game.

STRIKERS will be put through a challenging curriculum dedicated to creating and scoring
goals. This camp allows players to improve their technique, movement, offensive skills in the
attacking third, passing, dribbling, shooting, and scoring from crosses, volleys, and headers.

GOALKEEPERS will be put through a competitive program focused on shot stopping, saving
crosses, SAQ, footwork and decision making. Players will also learn to read the
game by repetition in game situations. 

Evening programs: 5:30pm-8:30pm


Cost: $175

For more information contact us at Camps@atscus.com

ATSC systems combine highly trained coaches delivering a proven curriculum to produce superior growth and development in youth players

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