• Each Director of Coaching will be specifically chosen to lead your club’s ambition. We will work together to find the best fit for the new direction you want to make with your club.

  • They will be the main point of contact for any issues and questions from anyone involved with the club.  


  • They will demonstrate personal integrity and loyalty, have technical expertise and will look to create a positive culture for the whole club, not just single teams, where it rewards player developments.


  • They will apply their goal and philosophy to the club and will brief all coaches on what is expected from them for every team and player they will work with.  


  • They will define roles and responsibilities of different constituents -- parents, the Board of Directors, coaches, etc.


  • They will encourage their staff, who will be specially assigned to each team, to be challenged, developed and mentored through the program creating a successful depth of staff and high level of coaching out on the field to maximise players potential.  

ATSC systems combine highly trained coaches delivering a proven curriculum to produce superior growth and development in youth players

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