Course Structure


Course Length: 100 weeks


Hours per week: 35-40. Each trainee will receive a minimum of 20 (twenty) hours per week of classroom-based instruction. In addition, the trainee will receive an additional 15-20 hours per week of supervised instruction in the workplace setting.


What is the "workplace": Workplace includes i) clubs managed and operated by ATSC, ii) clubs where ATSC training staff work, and iii) at youth soccer tournaments.


Modules: There are eight, modules, four in each year.



One - History of Soccer in the United States

Two - Differences between the structure and organization of youth and senior soccer in the United States

Three - The role, organization, structure and management of youth soccer tournaments in the United States

Four - Variations in soccer culture and experience between different regions in the United States, and how they impact marketing and delivery of the youth soccer product



Five - College showcases and their role today

Six - The role of class in soccer

Seven - Ethics and professionalism in youth soccer

Eight - Selling and marketing youth soccer in the United States


Assessment: Each module is assessed through a midterm, and a final exam. The module grade is based upon the scores of both. The midterm exam comprises one-third of your course grade and your final exam comprises two-thirds of your course grade. Trainees must achieve a passing grade in all modules to complete the course. 


Course Expectations: This is a professional level course for Trainees pursuing a career in youth soccer management outside the United States. Trainee work and performance will be assessed by identical expectations without regard to individual performance level. Trainees in the course must earn a D or higher to receive a passing grade, and for all courses taken must achieve an eventual cumulative grade point average of C to graduate.

ATSC systems combine highly trained coaches delivering a proven curriculum to produce superior growth and development in youth players

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